co•im•press (collaborative—cooperative—immediate) is a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit literary organization that publishes strange, transgressive, or “unpublishable” poetry, prose, and translations by unsung or under-sung authors and translators. We seek texts that meet the needs of an audience craving a precise combination of formal and linguistic rigor mixed with emotional complexity and dis-ease. The press obsesses over the visceral-mystical, a poetics in which authors explore the body's inherent excesses, strangenesses, pains, vices, traumas, possessions, leakings, effusions, preoccupations, losses, urges, and failings in the pursuit of hard-won discoveries and wisdom.

co•im•press has an unabashed favoritism toward writers and translators working in Chicago and the Midwest.

co•im•presss seeks to keep its authors’ works available using emergent, state-of-the-art, and sustaibable technologies.

co•im•press is dedicated to working with authors and translators who want to learn about the publishing process; are interested in collaborating on innovative fundraising, networking, and production solutions; and are eager to brainstorm ideas for marketing and promoting their own work through reading tours, events, word of mouth, grassroots initiatives, and ingenious publicity stunts.

co•im•press recognizes the following presses and journals, among many others, as allies sharing in the independent press mission: Action Books, Anomalous Press, Birds LLC, Birds of Lace, Black Ocean, Bloof Books, Cardboard House Press, dancing girl press, Dorothy, Entropy, Eulalia Books, Fence Books, Les Figues, Noemi Press, Octopus Books, The Operating System, PARAGRAPHITI, Radioactive Moat, smoking glue gun, Spork Press, Switchback Books, TENDE RLOIN, Ugly Duckling Presse, Veliz Books. If you like their work, you'll probably like ours, too.


co•im•press does not accept unsolicited print manuscripts for original works in English, but translations are always welcome. Manuscripts of book-length works in translation may be submitted via Submittable.


Founder/Publisher: Steve Halle

Board: Lillian-Yvonne Bertram, Paul Cunningham, M. Milks, Tara Reeser

Assistant Editor: Benjamin Sutton

Website Design: Ameliah Tawlks

Production Assistants: Theresa A. O’Donnell (Within Mutiny); Alyssa Bralower (Lemonworld & Other Poems); Amanda Paul (I Eat Cannibals), Morgan Harden (Ghost Opera); Sarah Lyons (Today), Jennifer Glasscock, Megan Donnan, and Sarah Lyons (Vision of the Children of Evil); Gabrielle Brown and Katelyn Kern (america, MINE.


Miranda Breedlove
Conan Calhoun
Laurie Christensen
Roxane Gay
Kathy Halle
Katherine M. Hedeen
Duriel E. Harris
Jesse Lee Kercheval
Ela Kotkowska
Terrie Lance
Sandra Lowry
Nick Mansito
Tara Reeser
Brian Rejack
Suzanna Schell
August Schiess


info at coimpress dot com